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Lots of Photos and Lots of Fun!

So last week, my parents “stole” my camera…well actually I let them borrow it….regardless, I didn’t have my camera, and I missed it dearly. SO…on Sunday I went a little crazy, well not really, but I did get excited when I started taking pictures. So anyways….getting back to my project, a few weeks ago Mr. Twitchell had his other photography take pictures of different textures, and I figured that would be kinda cool to play around with considering I like taking macros. I looked around my room to see what would be interesting to photograph, and I came up with a scarf, feathers, a painting, paper mache stuff, a bag made of can tabs, and a zipper. My goal was to get as close to the subjects as possible to get a good shot of the different textures.

Here is what I got:

I tried to keep editing simple by adjusting levels and cropping. With the last two, I oversharppened them, I thought it would add a “grunginess”, which kinda comes to mind when I think of zippers.

I think I could use some more work on this, getting more variety in textures and different angles so the textures would be highlighted more.And this picture is one I took with my phone. I was looking at my water glass, and I thought it would be cool to see if I could get a good shot. I was too lazy to get my camera so I just grabbed my phone. So this is a picture of bubbles on the side of a glass that has water in it. I later tried to get pictures with my camera, but it wouldn’t focus right, but I really like this picture.

And finally I took some fire pictures. I wasn’t able to for a while because there was no need for fires considering it wasn’t cold, but a few weeks ago we got one going in our stove, heat stove that is. So I decided why not take more (I tried taking some last semester).

Here is what I got:I like these two out of the thirty plus I took because the flame fills most of the frame. At first I didn’t really care for the black curve going through the picture, but as I look at it more, I like it more. To me, it adds contrast, depth, and a word that I can’t think of hahaha.

CONTRAST: I think this applies more to the second than the first, the solid black against the bright oranges and yellows helps break up the photo.

DEPTH: Well…I don’t really know what to say about that honestly.

And lastly, the word I can’t think of, I will attempt to describe what is going through my head. SO, the fire is constantly moving, its unpredictable. In a sense its “free”, free to do what ever it wants. Fire, however, can be easily destroyed with just a bit of water. The iron (the black line going through the pictures) is certain, it can’t move without a great effort. It is stuck, unmovable, and also indestructible for the most part. After writing it out, the fire and the iron contrast, but in a deeper sense……maybe thats the word I was looking for.

So that is my post for the week, lots of photos, and lots of fun!


2 responses to “Lots of Photos and Lots of Fun!

  1. Kaitlin Mott ⋅

    I really like the picture of the zipper the one that is green has really good depth to it. But I like the one that is black better. The detail is also really amazing how close all the pictures are. the ones with the string are also cool. Over all i like your photos. The photos are all really creative I don’t think i could be that creative.

  2. Twitchell ⋅

    Great post. Great analysis of your photos as well. I love macro photography, it is amazing how things look when you really get in close, the detail can really bring out the beauty or the ugly of items. Great series and great photos of them.

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